• 如何和一个不想知道detail只想让你“消化”掉账上的问题的老板沟通。。。 如何和一个不想知道detail只想让你“消化”掉账上的问题的老板沟通。。。 +2
    本文发表在 rolia.net 枫下论坛看看大家是不是有兴趣来讨论看看,我也想问问看大家支点招。事情是这样,我们公司是生产型企业,Raw material received进到一个系统,然后由receiving dept人工把rec'd qty再录入会计系统,两个系统don't talk to each other;所以我们在记录一个主要材料成本的时候,会用到第一个系统的qty数据去计算received value计入inventory然后用同一个系统的数据用FIFO记录当月COGS,但是在会计/支付系统中实际上支付的金额会多(由于exchange rate不同,人工输入有延迟,和一些有freight cost的在第一个系统中不反映)所以每个月都有个debit balance会悬在B/S的GRNI里然后越积越多,其实应该调整入COGS on a regular basis的,但是我之前的两位负责inventory和cost的人都没有Pick到这些(因为根本没搞明白整个receiving在GL account里怎么flow的)他们都已经或者被开走或者主动离职了。。。我刚接手一个多月,然后和我们controller解释整个过程,但是她只关心这个debit balance会影响到P&L,根本不想搞明白到底怎么产生的然后我们以后应该怎么做,她只关心快年底了,怎么去“消化”掉这个debit,omy,我怎么知道怎么”消化“,而且比较过分的是,尽管在过去的一个多月里我解释过这个事情,她还在“assume"是不是我的帐没做对所以出现一个debit balance没办法reconcile掉。。。是不是什么地方没注意到有个credit可以和这个offset一下,我只好无语了。。。大家有什么招吗?更多精彩文章及讨论,请光临枫下论坛 rolia.net
    • Sorry I cannot type Chinese again, Sorry I cannot type Chinese again,
      but I am interested in this question. As I know, the purchasing cost should include the unit cost and freight cost, so your system did not include freight cost into inventory cost, which is not correct. This question should be solved by IT department.

      Another difference about exchange rate, I do not know if you do monthly (profit and loss accounts) and quarterly (B/S accounts) exchange adjustment. If you do it, exchange difference will be solved periodically.

      The last difference about input delayed by workers, I think this difference is temporary and will be solved in the long run. But you still can adjust them in the short run to make it balance.

      Not sure if the above make any sense.
      • Yes, Yes,
        本文发表在 rolia.net 枫下论坛but my concern is not how to make these adjustment entries - they're pretty straight forward to me; My concern is the controller isn't trying to understand any of the details and probably will not give any direction/or simply give an okay for me to make these adjusting entries for future; and at the same time, she insisted/assumed this "big" existing/accumulated debit balance should be offset by a credit somewhere in the B/S, instead of to affect P&L. How to deal with this type of boss?

        To answer your question:
        In our company, the IT is not be able to solve this issue (because if they want to, the company will need to implement a new system which will cost too much), so we, in accounting, need to make adjusting entries. I know it's hard to believe these cannot be revolved in the systems and needs accounting adjusting entries; I know most of the companies nowadays, they use "good" systems and do not have these issues but we do a lot adjusting entries because we use 3 different systems (this issue only involves 2) and they don't talk to each other - one of the systems is even DOS-command driven system...更多精彩文章及讨论,请光临枫下论坛 rolia.net
        • You mean you totally know how to solve those differences, You mean you totally know how to solve those differences,
          but the question is how to explain to your boss (controller)?
          I think those differences were there for a long time before you joined this company. But nobody solved them or they did not want to do it. Now you are a new employee (just one month), so the controller pushes you to solve those differences.
          If I were you, I will write down every detailed step to show to the controller and tell him or her how to solve each difference and what is the effect of the adjusting entries. Those differences absolutely will affect P/L accounts.
          Make a long report to your controller and explain every detailed step/effect, which will make your controller know you totally understand your work and system. You are much better than previous accountants.
          • Thank you for replying me back! Yes, Thank you for replying me back! Yes,
            I'm going to do that. I was assigned to this inventory/cost area last month after the accounting manager left but I've been in this company for the longest time and even joined the company before this controller. My concern is the controller is not a listener and she doesn't want to listen. She has a bad reputation. Even RobertHalf recruiters know about her. All the company doesn't like her but her boss (our CFO) is in US and doesn't care. She has pissed off many accountants away. They left the company either by themselves or let go. My concern is how to communicate with her and protect myself at the same time. Your suggestion is good. I was going to write her a "long" email to explain but I don't expect she would read them through...It's so hard to communicate to someone who is not willing to listen. Any suggestion of that?
            • 我明白了, 我明白了, +1
              至于你说的那些偏差,当然会对P/L的账户产生影响,但是最终的总体影响应该不大,把最终的结果告诉你的上司。告诉她/他 你会处理这个问题,并且对最终的利润影响不大(当然你需要给出你的实际结果)。
              • 对的,确实是这样。谢谢你的建议!:-) 我想我会这么去做的。
    • 给一点我的建议。这事无关accounting。在背后议论老板应该是你的老板不愿意倾听你诉说的原因。别以为人家看不出你的心思。
    • 至于你的accounting问题,很多公司都有,时候到了,你的controller会解决的。到时候,你学着点就是了。
    • 你的老板期望啥?老板看的是 big picture, 不一定要知道細节的。先跟她尽可能处好关系,听听她有啥办法 你的老板期望啥?老板看的是 big picture, 不一定要知道細节的。先跟她尽可能处好关系,听听她有啥办法
      制造业的 inventory transactions 比 较 复杂,一般是建立在 standard cost system 基础上的, variable costing method 和 absorption costing method 会产生不同的COGS, 你 问的 purchase part cost是 相对直接的一部份, 你提到的 cost difference 是 purchase price variances, 这个variances有可能是你说的因素造成, 也有可能是别的你不知道的原因造成。从你的帖里只了解一部份情况. 另外, B/S 是关于asset, liability, equity。 B/S account debit balance 是如何转到 P&L 去的呢?P&L是 Income Statement. 老板要的是solution, 不是complain. 几个前任都呆不下,说明这个工作不好做,和老板处好关系是关建。实在没法处,只有另谋出路了。
      • 谢谢!对的, 谢谢!对的,
        discrepancies还来自其他方面,太复杂我们不细说了。我是有solution,也会把产生的原因和以后如果规避的建议写在邮件下方,但愿老板会读吧。我同事刚刚同我讲她也遇到同样的问题,邮件过去说一件事,然后老板回复说了说的是几个月前流程没改时候的事情然后让她怎么样怎么样,她只好现在再写邮件过去remind。guess我们只好这样back and forth的解释,做好沟通吧,还在这里工作的时候尽量处好关系。
    • debit balance 是不是长时间积累的结果?如果是,你就不用担心了,opening balance 是你前任留下的。如果你老板想“消化”掉那个debit balance,可以考虑分期分摊。
      • 是的!谢谢:-)
    • 一部分作为FX loss或者GAIN,一部分慢慢分摊进成本。
      • 谢谢!是的,我们也准备这样做,一部分FX,一部分因为是from previous periods所以准备逐渐分摊进成本。我现在在把这两块分别是多少弄出来。